Medical Call Answering Will Transform Your Patient Experience

Last updated July 2, 2020 written by Jaime Faulkner

Medical Call Answering Will Transform Your Patient Experience

The home health industry is a top growing industry. If you're a medical office, you have a lot of competition. How do you make a difference for your customers?

However, the phone is still the number one way that customers communicate with businesses. According to Digiday, 65% of people had called a business within the last month, versus only 24% who had contacted a business through a web form.

Exactly how important is communication via phone for medical professionals in the healthcare industry?

Let’s find out.

81% of consumers are unsatisfied with their health care experience, and the less they interact with the system, the happier they are. -Prophet

This stat shouldn’t come as a surprise, but still might. After all, 81% is an incredibly huge statistic. It should make you wonder-- exactly how badly are other doctor's offices dropping the ball?

This stat should be a warning, but you can also view it as an opportunity. Here’s a significant opportunity to stand out from the competition and provide an excellent customer experience.

61% of respondents surveyed would switch health care providers for the ability to get an appointment quickly when needed. -Accenture

Patient loyalty is a thing of the past, and that’s ok. If you aren’t providing a fast, accurate, and excellent experience, why shouldn’t they find a provider who is? Be the solution they need. You can do this by using a service that allows you to schedule appointments directly, rather than rerouting calls.  Answering the phones and actually taking patients' calls is a good start.

88% of healthcare appointments are scheduled by phone. -Sequence

This confirms that, while omnichannel support is important, if you aren’t on the phone, you’re missing clients. When it comes to serious matters like health, people want live voice call answering instead of reaching a voice mail.

What does this mean for your medical practice?

The biggest takeaway is so simple, it feels obvious; listen to your patients.  It apparently still needs to be said, because so many people are unhappy with their service. All the market research and wondering how to improve different communication channels is important, sure, but you’re busy.  The one surefire thing you can do to improve the customer experience is to ensure patients get to talk to a real person, every time they call your practice.

How can you make this happen?

Use a medical call answering service with live voice call answering

NexaMedical receptionists understand that handling calls for our medical clients require specialized attention.  Speed, accuracy, and sensitivity are crucial for patient and caregiver call experience. Nexa is proud to be a HIPAA compliant medical answering service.

Even better, our team is available 24/7 and can schedule appointments directly into your CRM or EHR.

Hiring a real-time live voice receptionist tells your patients 3 things:

  • You care about their time
  • You want them to have an excellent experience with you
  • You’re investing in both of those things long term

Create an excellent patient experience

You can’t slack off when it comes to the customer experience. The simplest way to immediately improve the customer experience is to find a physician answering service. Lucky for you, Nexa is always on call.

Ready to get started? Contact or check out more info from NexaMedical here.