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24/7 Virtual Receptionist Services & Business Answering

NEXA professional

Legal | Insurance | Franchise | Real Estate | Business Services | SMB

You need a service that works as hard as you do. NexaProfessional is ready to support your firm, agency, or business, 24/7/365.

NEXA medical

Multi-site Provider Networks | Doctors | Dentists | Home Health | Senior Living

If you’re a medical provider, you know your clients need accurate and compassionate communication, stat. NexaMedical is ready with HIPAA compliant, 24/7 call answering and escalation.

NEXA home services

HVAC | Plumbers | Electricians | Contractors | Restoration | Regional Commercial Services

Are you a home services professional who can’t always get to the phone? NexaHomeServices is here to help with call answering and appointment scheduling, wherever and whenever you need it.

NEXA plus

Businesses Looking to Grow Through Lead Qualification & Appointment Scheduling

Never miss another opportunity. NexaPlus helps you grow your business by increasing lead capture and improving conversion rates.

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Virtual Receptionists

Meet our Virtual Receptionists

Our virtual receptionists are friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping your business succeed. With ongoing training, we give our receptionists the tools and experience they need to tackle industry-specific problems and provide a seamless customer experience from beginning to end.

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How It Works

Our time-tested process is simple, yet flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business. At every step of the way, our team of virtual receptionists will go above and beyond to not only answer your calls, but to help your business grow and thrive.

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your business
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We answer
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The Nexa Receptionists Mobile App

As business owners, we understand that you’re always on the go. With the Nexa Receptionists Mobile App, you can access crucial call information and manage your data anywhere, anytime. Visit our Mobile App and Portal page to learn more about how you can get started with this powerful tool.

Home - App (desktop) Changes on the fly
Home - App (desktop) Stay Conected
Schedule Changes On The Fly

Manage your business’ on-call schedule from your phone in real-time, ensuring every call is handled by the appropriate member of your team.

Account Reporting

Create account reporting with important client data without having to leave the app.

Stay Connected On The Go

Access important call data, respond to messages, and interact with clients and internal staff while away from the office.

Real-Time Message Access

Stay up-to-date with a live message feed.

Business Contacts At Your Fingertips

Sync a caller’s contact information right to your phone with a simple click.

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Why an Answering Service is Critical for Your Business

A virtual answering service improves efficiency and minimizes the strain on internal staff. NexaReceptionists provides 24/7/365 phone coverage for your company, making you available for every client or new business opportunity—no matter what time of day that next call comes in. With a business answering service, you can scale marketing efforts with confidence and rest easy knowing there is total coverage of phone calls, web leads and more. Increase the number of phone calls answered, better qualify leads, improve intake and scheduling processes, and even speed-up service technician dispatch, all with our phone answering service.

Our friendly and professional receptionists serve as an extension of your business. This means we don’t just answer calls and respond to web inquiries. We also work to increase your revenue. Nexa’s outbound calling services leverage our lead generation and customer acquisition experts to fill empty appointments, driving business growth and increasing customer loyalty through performance-driven outbound calling campaigns.

By working with a phone answering service, your business can provide expert-level customer service at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee. This means fewer overhead costs and less operational stress for you and your staff. And Nexa Receptionists perfects phone answering scripts and processes so that your customers will never know they’re calling in to an answering service. Anytime a client or prospect dials, they’ll think they’re speaking directly to someone in your office.

Our live answering service creates real human connection, showing callers that you genuinely care about their time. Nexa’s receptionists are trained in empathy and skilled in making angry customers happy again — and we believe these abilities are key to creating a better user experience, which, we all know, drives higher leads and better conversions.

There are many business advantages to hiring a 24/7 answering service. By partnering with Nexa Receptionists, you can provide round the clock live coverage of your phones, offer bilingual answering, capture more calls and leads, and save time and money. So, whether your goal is to reduce overhead costs or bring in more support to manage the high volume of calls your business receives, Nexa Receptionists is here to help with a team of experts that makes it possible to handle more calls quickly and with greater accuracy.

The Advantages of Using a Live Answering Service Instead of an Automated Answering Services

Using a live answering service shows your customers and potential clients that you care about their business enough to offer one-on-one human connection. Often times, callers are frustrated by an automated telephone answering service, especially if it takes too long to reach their desired department or find the answers that they need. When areal person answers, customers are more likely to get the support they’re looking for and fast – which not only creates a positive service experience, but also makes your business processes more efficient.

Be honest: How much do you love calling a company and being greeted by a robot? A live call answering service creates a more superior experience than an automated system, which can be inaccurate and infuriating to customers. By routing calls directly to a human being, you’re extending a personal connection between your brand and current or potential clients. This goes a long way in creating trust and brand loyalty.

Both a live answering service and an automated answering service are convenient for the business that leverages them, but the live option has the bonus of offering a personalized customer experience.

At Nexa Receptionists, our team is expertly trained to answer every call as if it were the first of their day. We work directly with you to create scripts and perfect processes that make our receptionists sound as if they’re an in-house employee. In fact, anytime a client or potential new business lead calls in, they’ll think they’re speaking directly to someone in your office.

Partnering with a live answering service like Nexa Receptionists means you’ll never miss another call or new business opportunity. It also offers more customization options than an automated answering service. When you work with Nexa Receptionists, you can choose whether to have our team manage every single call 24/7/365 or opt for overflow call support or even just our after-hours answering service. The arrangement depends entirely on your company size and specific needs. We tailor our services to provide you with the best possible solution, so that you and your staff can focus on the work you’re meant to do.

Creating a Positive Customer Experience with a Local, US-Based Answering Service

Nexa Receptionists is committed to hiring only the best professionals for our 24/7 answering service. By investing time and resources into our in-depth training program, we ensure that each team member can provide the same level of excellent customer service – no matter what type of challenge a call may present.

We also continually evaluate call quality and provide comprehensive feedback to each receptionist, so that they can identify and work on areas of opportunity. Finally, we commit the same level of quality control to industry-specific, continuing education for our receptionists – making them not only skilled at their administrative duties, but also highly knowledgeable in the terminology, software, technology and subject matter specific to your business.

Speaking of technology, it’s truly at the core of the Nexa Receptionists experience. Our team members are trained in the latest industry-leading software and regularly learn new programs as the needs of our customers change. Our continual training and dedication to emerging software across the industries that we serve is what sets us apart from the competition. In fact, most U.S.-based call service providers don’t train their employees to the same degree that we do here at Nexa Receptionists.

At Nexa Receptionists, we place emphasis on consistent customer experience. For every account that signs onto our live answering service, we create customized scripts and processes for our receptionists to follow when fielding your company’s calls. Our expert team members may not always reside in the same state as your clients, but callers will never know. Because we work hard to create high-quality customer service across the board, your clients and potential new business leads will think they’re speaking directly to an in-house team member.

When it comes to our hiring philosophy, we’re especially focused on seeking out the most motivated, organized and positive talent-people who aren’t afraid of hard work, individuals who enjoy problem-solving and tackling everyday challenges on your behalf. These principles are front-and-center throughout our interview process and we use them to evaluate every potential candidate. Other skills that we require include a stellar aptitude for communication, technological know-how and, perhaps most importantly, a natural ability to feel and display empathy. Because when an angry customer calls into your business, this trait is the one that can turn even the most heated conversation into a positive result.