Appointment Scheduling

We can schedule appointments directly to your preferred calendar application or CRM software. This provides real-time insight into your business and keeps you constantly in the loop.

Advantages for Your Business

Maximize new client opportunities
Maximize new client opportunities
Streamline call data with real-time integrations
Streamline call data with real-time integrations
Schedule qualified leads with 24/7 support
Schedule qualified leads with 24/7 support
Manage scheduling for multiple locations
Manage scheduling for multiple locations

With the help of Nexa Receptionists appointment scheduling services, you’ll gain an instant professional edge and avoid the hassle of dealing with the details of coordinating schedules. Our answering service receptionists are trained to integrate with hundreds of leading business CRMs. In addition, we offer our own scheduling software, which can even integrate with your email or Google calendar. This helps keep your team and your clients on the same page.

With our team scheduling your appointments, you’ll have more time to focus on delivering a great experience to every client. For industries that need around-the-clock coverage for sudden emergencies or late-night appointments, we’re available 24/7/365 to provide the best possible service.

How We’ve Helped

With the help of our appointment scheduling service, businesses have solved many pressing problems with rewarding solutions, including the following:

  • Maximized the ability to capture new clients
  • Increased volume of appointments
  • Reduced stress on internal staff
  • Provided 24/7 coverage for after-hours appointments
Case Study

Saienni Law Case Study

See how our 24/7/365 appointment scheduling service helped an established law firm accommodate clients with around-the-clock emergencies.

Our office, Skupin Law Group, PLLC, has been using Nexa Receptionists for over 8 years now. They offer excellent service, very reasonable prices, and they have extremely fast email response times.

Mike Skupin

Skupin Law Group

Our customers commented that when they first spoke with [Nexa Receptionists] they were surprised, because they thought they had spoken with our in-house office staff.


Triple A Plumbing & Jetting

We feel confident that everything is handled as well as if you were in the office with us. I have never had a customer complain about the answer or the response they got from one of the staff.

Chad Forbush

American Home Guardian

I engaged Nexa Receptionists to act as our third party call handling service and the experience has been stellar! The process to onboard was simple and easy and surprisingly fast. Nexa Receptionists went from knowing nothing about our business to being ready to take calls in just a few short weeks.

Andrea Clinton


I chose Nexa Receptionists because every team member I spoke to gave me the sense of confidence in their skills. My emails were always acknowledged and answered promptly.


Funtekusa Inc.