4 Things to Look For in a Medical Answering Service

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A medical answering service can make the difference between a patient using your service or going elsewhere. If you run a medical practice and you want to make sure you can always be on top of phone calls, an answering service can cover you for those times when nobody can get to the phone.

Think about your medical office and how you deal with patient calls ordinarily. Not every practice can have people on the phones all day, and even if you are staffed throughout office hours, what happens when someone calls out of hours?

  • Do you find that your practice often misses calls?
  • Do you find voicemails, or even a full voicemail box? This can mean you don’t even get to hear from potential patients and customers.
  • Do your staff have a lot of tasks that might take them away from being able to answer a phone call in a timely way?
  • Have you thought about increasing the number of staff in your medical or doctors’ offices to ensure that calls are always dealt with?

All of these are signs that a medical answering service can be useful for your business, but how do you know which service to use? What things should you be looking for in an answering service?

Trustworthy and Regulated Medical Answering Services

You should only be willing to work with answering services that understand their responsibilities with public data compliance.

We understand that medical call answering is different from a lot of other industries. When it comes to the healthcare industry, mistakes cannot be made that would result in your practice losing reputation. You need to be able to fully trust the medical answering service you employ to deal with incoming calls.

At Nexa, we offer a 99.9% on call communication accuracy, meaning that our live receptionists are able to adequately advise on the next steps. Our staff members undergo the NexaMedical certification program. This provides them with over 85 hours of training in medical call answering for healthcare professionals with an exceptional knowledge of the patient care required.

Nexa also guarantees HIPAA compliant communication. Our HIPAA compliant answering service ensures we take patient confidentiality very seriously.

***HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This act is a series of regulations to outline how protected health information is dealt with. These standards dictate what is and is not lawful when dealing with medical customers. It is enforced by the OCR (Office for Civil Rights) and is a requirement for a healthcare provider.

Industry-Trained Medical Office Answering Service

Working with receptionists that have been trained to deal with medical issues is vital. An understanding of the terms used and the urgency of some situations means that answering services for medical offices should have at least some medical knowledge.

This does not mean walking people through treatments over the phone, instead, it means steering them in the right direction and providing great service no matter what the situation of whoever is calling.

Working with Nexa can ensure that you have access to receptionists who have undergone industry-specific training. You can also choose what you want the receptionists to do with the information they collect. Calls and important messages can also be set to be forwarded to a mobile number, a pager, or an email address in urgent situations. Learn more about the process here!

Simple Integration With Your Office Systems

The chances are, you are already using some form of healthcare CRM to manage your relationships. You won’t want to start all over again. The best medical answering services will be able to take over from your office staff when the day is over, using the same CRM and ensuring that appointments are properly managed with no double bookings.

With Nexa, your live receptionists will be able to schedule appointments directly to your preferred calendar app or CRM software. This means you won’t run the risk of double-booking or a breakdown of communications because you are using a virtual receptionist.

24/7 Service

The point of a medical answering service is to be there when you cannot. The live operators should be available any time a medical emergency might take place, meaning that you need to offer a 24/7 service via your phone lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a medical answering service work?

When a call is made to your office number out of hours, it is routed to receptionists. They can use your practice’s name throughout their communications. These receptionists will be able to answer basic questions that customers have about your practice and the services you provide.

The receptionists are also able to handle different tasks such as making appointments, taking information from new patients, and even forwarding any emergencies to ensure they are dealt with appropriately. When your office staff are free, if you wish, they can take over the calls once more.

Is Nexa medical answering service based in the U.S.?

We are a live virtual receptionist service based in Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona is a state with one of the highest Spanish speaking populations in the country. When signing up with Nexa, you can reach new demographics with bilingual answering!

How can I track my practice's use of a medical answering service?

It couldn’t be easier. We’ve designed an app and portal for you to see exactly what is going on with your Nexa membership. Everything from messages to billing cycles and even adjusting your availability for your medical practice can be done from an app. Snapshots are provided to give you a full overview of your account usage.

Industries We Work With

With years of experience in multiple industry-leading software, our integration services have saved valuable time and money for business owners in many industries.

Client Reviews

Nexa helps me tremendously because they get me the information I need and they get it to me immediately…For me, using a virtual receptionist is a no-brainer. Any law firm that is not doing it is kind of living in the past. I think it’s what clients expect today.


We’re a small but growing business and we needed a partner to help us be able to cover the phones 24 hours a day. NexaProfessional made it possible for us to scale while keeping the quality of customer experience that we intend. Their people have been excellent.


We feel confident that everything is handled as well as if you were in the office with us. I have never had a customer complain about the answer or the response they got from one of the staff.