Real Estate

A personal touch means everything in a competitive industry like real estate. Potential buyers, sellers, and investors want to hear from a real person, not an automated answering service or voicemail. Their first impression can make or break their decision to sign with your agency. With the help of Nexa Receptionists virtual receptionist services, you’ll start every client relationship on the right foot.

Our virtual receptionists are trained to treat your current and prospective clients in a way that makes them feel like more than just another commission. Following your script with consistent attention to detail, our receptionists can provide information about current listings, upcoming open houses, and more, while also taking messages and forwarding important call information back to your team. Rapid responses and 24/7/365 availability ensure that you never miss an opportunity to give your clients a great experience.

Case Study

Assisted Living Locators Case Study

See how we provided a human touch to assist callers with the sensitive decision of placing a loved one in senior care.

My fellow property manager recommended Nexa Receptionists, and I got the company's after-hours answering service for our phones. Everybody I've talked to over there has always been very friendly, and the few times that we've had emergency calls, they've made it convenient and easy for people who were calling. I would recommend them.

Jocelyn of San Diego, California

We have Nexa Receptionists' answering service for a high-rise office. They answer our calls while we're not here, so it makes the tenants feel that they have somebody to talk to as opposed to getting voicemail.

Jennifer of Phoenix, Arizona

It's an after-hours calling service that we have with Answer1. We're an apartment community so when we're not here, calls get forwarded to them. We needed 24-hour answering service and we were referred to them from another property. They are able to answer our emergency calls and usually direct our residents. They're very good at determining whether it's an emergency or not and then re-directing them if it's not. They're also very professional and easy to deal with. It's been great, and I always have a pleasant experience with the reps. Whenever I have an issue, it's resolved right away.

Michele of Costa Mesa, California

Nexa Receptionists is awesome and we love them. We use them for emergency after-hours services. We're a real estate and property management company so when our tenants have problems after-hours, they call Nexa Receptionists who then calls us, and we take care of it. Nexa Receptionists is very helpful for our business. Everything goes smoothly. Tiffany has been extremely helpful, as well as Lluvia who I've worked with. She's always accommodating and available to talk to. If I have any problems, I'd send them an email and they'd respond within the next couple of hours and everything is resolved.

Steve of Fountain Valley, California

When I took over this property, Nexa Receptionists came with the existing contract, and we kept them for convenience. At present, we utilize their live agent messaging, which allowed for somebody to be able to answer the phone if we’re not available. In addition, their customer service is great.

Carol of Phoenix, Arizona