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HVAC customers want you to facilitate their requests as and when you need them – be it rain or shine, day or night.

But like most HVAC companies, your business may be short-staffed and held back by limited resources.

Nexa Receptionist’s HVAC answering service is an ideal solution for businesses that need to deal with customers round the clock – companies like yours!

With over 30,000,000 calls answered, Nexa Receptionists is a team of highly-skilled, experienced, and impassioned receptionists excited to help you gain an edge in the highly competitive environment that is the HVAC industry.

Answering after-hours service calls, qualifying prospective customers, scheduling appointments – that’s only some of the suite of benefits your HVAC company enjoys when you partner with Nexa’s HVAC call center.

HVAC Answering Service: Common Challenges

HVAC business owners face a wide range of problems in dealing with the dynamics of the HVAC industry:

Communication Delays

Communication between HVAC technicians, technical assistants, sales representatives, and other stakeholders suffers in the face of a business on the go.

In between designing, installing, replacing, and fixing, teams also need to ensure they satisfy customers and convert new leads.

HVAC companies have no alternatives except to go all out and optimize their business for the speed and efficiency of operations – and Nexa Receptionists can help! 100% invested in your team’s success, our virtual receptionists can help you avoid misunderstandings and communication delays so that you can add value to your business and customer relationships.

Speed up processes and centralize information, so technicians can work without being overwhelmed by these frustrating stumbling blocks!

Unpredictable Customers

Customers can quickly become livid and impatient when air conditioning or heating systems fail – and they demand instant service.

In fact, 90% of customers rate an “immediate” response as very important to customer satisfaction, which makes it all the more crucial to ensure customers receive an instant response from your business.

With Nexa Receptionist’s convenient dispatching, you can ensure complaints and concerns reach relevant departments, so you can promptly address customer complaints.

Should you need time to gather your wits, our CRM trained specialists will pacify customers and address their concerns, so you can focus on setting things right. Schedule regular filter replacements and seasonal cleanings for your customers, and ensure long-lasting, healthy relationships.

Fluctuating Busy Periods

Sometimes the phone never stops ringing. Other times, you end up going hours for someone to make a call. Time is money, and if you’re not working – you’re not making that dough!

Not to worry! Nexa’s professional answering service can help you efficiently manage calls and queries, and help you qualify leads and prospects. Enjoy a steady stream of revenue as you satisfy clients and earn more business.

Whether it’s peak season or downtime, our receptionists are your brand ambassadors. They will ensure your callers know who you are and why they need your services.

Tap into our insights on your potential customers, the kinds of queries they make, as well as the types of emergencies that occur and the maintenance they require – so you can truly understand the trends in your industry and your business.

Strong Competition

HVAC service providers are flooding the market, which gives consumers a wide range of options to give their business to.

From the smallest local outfits to national chains, the competition can tempt HVAC companies to lower prices so they can win business. But that’s not doing much for you, especially in the long run.

We understand the pressure on you to build brand name and authority in an overly-saturated market. Let us help you build rapport with customers new and old – and grow your client base from there!

Benefits of A HVAC Call Center For Your Business

Nexa Receptionists can help you secure new business and service existing clients. While you’re busy on the job, we answer your customers’ queries and alleviate their concerns. Some of the benefits of partnering with Nexa are:

Representatives Who Know HVAC

Nexa Receptionists is a team of skilled, industry educated receptionists that are trained to care for HVAC business customers.

We not only have a firm grip on your industry vocabulary; we understand the intricacies of services that offer better margins. Backed by a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and wants, you can rest assured your business is well taken care of.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Whether you champion your air conditioning services or geothermal heating installations, our virtual receptionists will showcase your best services and tailor our responses to suit your brand voice and company values.

Customized Service Plan

Whether its customer requests flooding in or dry season without a single call, Nexa Receptionists offers easily customizable and flexible plans for your HVAC company.

We aren’t big fans of the cookie-cutter approach, so rest assured we’re an HVAC answering service partner that scales with your business.

Or you can take the guesswork out of the way, and purchase one of our carefully developed ready-made plans, should you need them.

Answering Customer Calls 24/7/365

Leaving calls for your voicemail can result in losing valuable leads that fuel your business. Nexa’s live answering service is ready 24/7/365 to schedule appointments, relay emergency calls and urgent messages, and transfer requests for your technicians.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Our HVAC Answering Service

Generating over $100,000,000 in client revenue, Nexa Receptionists is an HVAC answering service based in the United States that provides our clients with solutions that enable your business to collaborate with customers, technicians, and sales representatives.

Set to kick start your journey with Nexa Receptionists? Check out our HVAC answering service plans, and optimize your business to become a revenue-generating machine!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Nexa's Answering Service Integrate Into My Existing System?

Our answering service integrates call data with your email, calendar, or existing CRM (customer relationship management) tools. We input this data in real-time, and can also track calls within your CRM system.

Will You Charge Extra To Answer My Phone On Holidays?

Absolutely not! Nexa Receptionists is dedicated to providing your customers round the clock service 23/7/365. Rest assured, if your HVAC business is closed for the holiday season, we’ll attend to customers without charging extra.

Can I Try Nexa Answering Services Risk-Free?

Absolutely. Our service is second to none, which is why we offer a 21 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Industries We Work With

With years of experience in multiple industry-leading software, our integration services have saved valuable time and money for business owners in many industries.

Client Reviews

Nexa helps me tremendously because they get me the information I need and they get it to me immediately…For me, using a virtual receptionist is a no-brainer. Any law firm that is not doing it is kind of living in the past. I think it’s what clients expect today.


We’re a small but growing business and we needed a partner to help us be able to cover the phones 24 hours a day. NexaProfessional made it possible for us to scale while keeping the quality of customer experience that we intend. Their people have been excellent.


We feel confident that everything is handled as well as if you were in the office with us. I have never had a customer complain about the answer or the response they got from one of the staff.