Penguin Air & Plumbing: High Quality Support in High Pressure Situations

Penguin Air & Plumbing: High Quality Support in High Pressure Situations


Since 2011, Penguin Air & Plumbing has provided air conditioning, heating, and plumbing services to customers in the metropolitan Phoenix area.

Phoenix has an average of 110 days a year where the temperature is over 100 degrees and broken ACs can quickly become a matter of health and safety.

According to the Operations Manager, “When someone’s air conditioning is not working in the dead of a Phoenix summer, they’re not waiting to receive service. Our response time has to be within minutes - or they’re on to the next company.”

Add these emergency calls on top of Penguin Air’s regular maintenance calls, and they had a real problem on their hands. The call volume was overwhelming, and they were losing customers.


Nexa was ready to take on the challenge.

Since NexaHomeService receptionists are trained in each company’s emergency dispatch procedures, they were able to get Penguin Air’s team on the road faster than ever.

By handling overflow calls during business hours, Penguin Air was no longer missing calls and with help from NexaHomeServices, increased customer conversions by 20%.  

With growth straining the company’s finances, Penguin Air decided to cut costs by switching to a  second-tier provider to answer their overflow and after-hours calls.

This choice cost them.

“The damage to our brand was immeasurable,” laments Penguin Air’s Operations Manager. “We noticed an immediate decline in conversion rates compared to our results with Nexa.” When they listened to some of the phone calls with the new provider and reviewed call activity reports, they saw an alarming number of long hold times, hang-ups and mishandled calls.

After just four months of working with the new answering service, Penguin Air realized they had made a huge mistake. Penguin Air didn’t want to risk any further damage to their brand, so they went straight back to NexaHomeServices.


Today, Penguin Air feels like they are working with a true partner. “Nexa views our customers the same way we do - with the same respect, accountability, and professionalism,” they say. “The transition is so seamless that many customers don’t even realize that they’re not speaking with a company employee.”

“We now know how important our answering service is; it helps create a whole new level of loyalty and trust with our existing customers. Now, we consider Nexa a true part of the Penguin Air & Plumbing family.”