Environmental Air: A Trusted Partner

Environmental Air: A Trusted Partner


Ed Black runs Environmental Air Inc., an air conditioning and heating replacement and repair company based in Phoenix, Arizona.  Phoenix has an average of 110 days a year where the temperature is over 100 degrees. While Black is busy making sure Arizona residents stay safe in brutal temperatures, he can’t be waiting on phone calls or pursuing leads.  

“When we’re on the job, we’re on roofs, and on the road. We have a small team of 3, and use subcontractors occasionally,” he explained. “It’s impossible to get to the phone all of the time while we’re working and can’t take notes or schedule appointments as needed.”


Nexa has been working with Environmental Air Inc. from the very beginning.  Both businesses have changed dramatically since 1992, but Black said the reasons Environmental Air needed an answering service haven’t changed.

“We were looking for a real voice on the other end of calls,” he recalls. “We need a service that is constantly evolving and making sure we don’t lose client or lead info, and Nexa has always done that for us.”

“That personal touch has always been really important to us, and Nexa agents keep getting better and better. We get feedback all the time about how professional and friendly the service is.”


Black knew he needed a service that could handle the stress of high-pressure situations.  Nexa team members are trained to recognize when to escalate calls, which results in faster reaction times from Black’s team.

“The information from clients is vital,” he told us. “We’re very serious about giving the best and fastest possible service we can. Nexa helps us make that happen.”

In addition to fast reaction times, NexaHomeServices agents are available around the clock. That 24/7/365 coverage lets Black and his team focus on the job, knowing their clients are being treated well.

“We’ve been really pleased to send a lot of referrals throughout the years,” Black told us.

“We’ve told other companies in our industry and impressed customers alike to work with Nexa. It’s really great to have them as part of the team.”

Let NexaHomeServices take the heat for your small business. Get started today, and see the difference we can make for your team.