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5 Rules of Money Every Entrepreneur Should Know 5 Rules of Money Every Entrepreneur Should Know

How well do you know money? For most entrepreneurs, the answer is, “Not well enough.” Sure, maybe you took some finance or accounting classes in college and acquired some basic knowledge… But do you really KNOW money? Do you know the right ways to manage it, save it, and spend it, so that you and your business can both thrive?
What we’ve discovered here at Answer 1 is that you can never know enough about money. There’s always more to learn – and the more you learn about it, the better you’ll get at managing it and making it.

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5 Growth Hacking Lessons from the Best 5 Growth Hacking Lessons from the Best

It’s often said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and nowhere is that more true than within the business world, where even the best of the best advocate borrowing ideas from others to make your products and services just that little bit better. In the relatively new arena of growth hacking, there are plenty of inspiring examples out there to drag even the most jaded of business owners or managers into the “lab” to get their own experimentation groove on. Here, we present some of the most legendary growth hacks from some of the greatest companies of the digital era. Let’s get started.

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Customer Journey Mapping: What It Can Do For Your Business Getting Started with Customer Journey Mapping

Want to be successful in business? It’s all about the customer. Think customer-centric, customer interaction, customer service and customer experience… all reflecting the idea that what the customer wants, needs and expects should be high on your list of priorities, at the heart of every business decision, all the time.

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