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How Much Does An Answering Service Cost? Pricing & Value Breakdown

How Much Do Answering Services Cost?
Since most start-ups and small businesses have a budget to follow, you would want to find an answering service that is affordable and also delivers on your lead generation benchmarks. Efficient answering service can help you yield better results maximize...

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The Hidden Costs Of Hiring – How Much Does An Employee Cost In 2020?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers in the private industries saw a 2.9% increase in wages and salaries across the board for the year ending June 2020.

However, these numbers only show a partial picture of what you need to pay your employees. There was also a 2.7% inc...

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cost reduction strategies

Cost-Saving Ideas For Companies – Why You Need Them?
It is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to stay afloat in the current economy.

Even if you are bringing in a lot of revenue and there’s good cash flow, chances are that you also spend a lot on day-to-day operations e...

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hire a virtual assistant

Define The Role (and Recruit Accordingly)
A clear job description is essential. Just because a virtual assistant can be a relatively simple hiring process, doesn't mean you shouldn't think about what the role will bring to the business, and how new team members will fit in.

Many of t...

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cost avoidance vs cost savings

Understanding Hard and Soft Costs
Hard costs and soft costs may sound like jargon. In fact, there are some major differences between them which you should try to understand before exploring the differences in cost saving vs cost reduction.

Hard costs relate to assets, which are often...

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hipaa compliant texting

What Is HIPAA Compliant Texting?
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulates how healthcare providers and related businesses record, store, manage and share patient's private and personal medical information.

Now that you know a little about HIPAA let's take...

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voicemail greetings

Voicemail Greetings Do’s and Don’ts
But first, let's go over a few best practices for business voicemail greetings...


Make it clear near the start of the message whom the caller has reached.
Explain why you are not available.
Tell the caller what informat...

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real estate answering service

How Can A Real Estate Answering Service Enhance Your Business?
From meetings with clients to closing deals on dream homes, real estate professionals are constantly on the go. Not only are you short on time, but answering calls while you're with clients isn't proper business etiquette.


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live answering service

What is a Live Answering Service?
A live answering service - or a remote live answering service - is a company that a business hires to handle phone calls on a 24/7 basis. Live answering services are fairly broad, covering everything from screening calls to full appointment booking and cust...

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small business answering service

Businesses That Need a Small Business Answering Service
There are a thousand examples we could use to demonstrate the reasons for having a small business answering service. Virtually every business is a candidate. If you have recently started your business or you don't have full-time staff,...

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