Ten Customer Service Mistakes Your Business Can’t Make This Year

Last updated December 11, 2020 written by Tetiana


It’s not a shock that that poor customer service impacts the customer experience. Ultimately this has a negative impact on the reputations and bottom lines of brands and organizations across the globe. Recent customer surveys reveal that a single poor experience can have a detrimental impact on even your longest tenured customer.

Over the past decade, statistics show specific trends, ideas, and movements that will shape the future (and importance) of the customer experience over the next decade. In order to help you stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide an excellent customer experience, we’ve put together a list of mistakes your business must avoid at all costs.

Looking to the Future

  • Each year US Businesses lose $41B due to poor customer service (NewVoice)
  • Nearly 90% of businesses will compete mainly on customer experience this year (Gartner)
  • 89% of US Consumers have switched services once or twice in the last 12 months (New Voice)
  • 66% switch due to poor service (Insight)

So Make Sure Your Business Isn’t Making These Mistakes

Not Listening

Either not paying attention, not actively listening or giving customers’ 100% attention can result in a bad experience.
32% of customers switch after becoming fed up speaking with multiple people

Not Being Responsive

One of the most common mistakes? Not answering your phone or keeping someone on hold.
25% of customers switch because they are tired of being kept on hold (New Voice)
Over 50% become irritated if they don’t speak to someone immediately (New Voice)
Nearly 50% of consumers prefer to talk to customer service on the phone (American Express)

Bad Attitudes

Your attitude comes across in the way you handle every service issue, both good and bad. Complacency and overall negativity can get you in trouble quickly. Smile, they can hear it!
Consumers took their business elsewhere 42% of the time when confronted by rude, unhelpful staff
75% of US consumers say a friendly customer service rep increases their brand loyalty

Not Building a Relationship

Going beyond the call of duty has become a rarity in customer service. Don’t just meet expectations, exceed them.
Almost 60% of consumers will spend more on companies with excellent customer service (American Express)

Owning the Issue

Every situation is different and your customers may make a small one the size of the room. Stay calm and own it. They’ll be more at ease.
25% of consumers want to see of a company will take any action on their issue

Lack of Knowledge

Customers expect you to know your stuff. That’s why they’ve turned to you for the answer.
Nearly 60% have to re-explain an issue when speaking to customer service (Harvard Business Review)

Not Showing Empathy

When you show empathy you customers are less likely to escalate issues.
Over 50% will use a company more frequently after a positive experience (New Voice)


Speak the truth with your customers. Only bad things can arise from even the smallest of lies.
Customers who trusted the business we’re 10% more satisfied with their experience.

Not Caring

If you don’t care about providing excellent customer service…you’re doomed.
53% switch because they feel unappreciated (New Voice)

Not Being Patient

You’re the expert, not the customer. Give them a break!

We hope these statistics will help inform you and your team of the importance of avoiding these mistakes now and in the future. If your team is understaffed or underperforming feel free to reach out to Nexa, a leader in 24/7 virtual reception. Our team of friendly and experienced receptionists will ensure your customers receive excellent customer experience at all times.


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