Salesforce Plugins To Utilize For Your Small Business Salesforce Plugins To Make This Powerful CRM Tool Even Better For Small Businesses

Choosing a customer relationship management (CRM) software package presents some tough questions for small businesses. Your CRM must be affordable, adaptable, powerful, and have an easy to use interface. The software that works for large businesses with multiple locations and many employees probably isn’t going to satisfy the specific needs of a small business.

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How to Set Your Business Up to be Sold How to Set Your Business Up to be Sold

It’s the entrepreneurial dream… You spend a few years building your business into a success, and then you turn around and sell your business for a large profit. Sounds great, right?
But to fulfill this entrepreneurial dream, you need to know how to set your business up to be sold. Otherwise, you either won’t be able to sell it at all successfully or if you do, you’ll get much less for the sale.

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5 Ways to Make Your Business Scalable 5 Ways to Make Your Business Scalable

We talk a lot about how to grow your business by creating new revenue streams, infusing new ideas, optimizing content marketing, etc.
Growth is key because, in this world, you either grow or you stagnate. And those businesses that stagnate don’t remain businesses for very long.

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3 Secrets of Successful Virtual Teams 3 Secrets of Successful Virtual Teams

These days people are starting to conduct more and more work remotely. Advances in technology and communications give business owners and managers the ability to be more flexible. You can now distribute team members geographically on an as-needs basis. They’re no longer limited to being located a reasonable commuting distance from the office.

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