Medical Call Answering Will Transform Your Patient Experience

The home health industry is a top growing industry. If you're a medical office, you have a lot of competition. How do you make a difference for your customers?

However, the phone is still the number one way that customers communicate with businesses. According to Digiday, 65% of people had...

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Changes In The Home Health Industry: What You Need to Know

If you’re working in home health, you know the field is constantly changing. One particular area that has significantly shifted in the last few years is your hours of operation. More likely than not, you’re feeling the pressure of changing scheduling practices and patient expectations. You're fee...

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Is Your Answering Service HIPAA Compliant? If Not, You’re at Risk

If you’re a health care provider or specialist, you’re familiar with HIPAA. You have to be; since 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act does a lot to protect patient information, especially with the rise of digital record keeping and EHR systems. If your practice isn’t fol...

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The Benefits of NexaMedical Dental Virtual Receptionists

Being a dentist is a difficult job. Not only are you dealing with complex medical problems all day; your patients are also most likely very reluctant to come in since 60% of people have anxiety about going to the dentist. 

As a dentist, your job is two-fold— you need to provide excellent c...

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When to Move On From Your Medical Answering Service

When talking with potential NexaMedical customers, we always hear the same reasons why customers are unhappy with their current service. Just recently, we attended AAHC, and the majority of attendees we spoke with told us, “We’re really unhappy with our current medical answering service.” 

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A Day In the Life of a NexaMedical Virtual Receptionist

As a medical provider, you have a packed schedule. With everything you need to accomplish in one shift, answering the phone might feel impossible. That’s where medical virtual receptionists come in. Our team of highly trained, 24/7 receptionists supports over 650 medical providers across the coun...

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Stats You Need To Know For Medical Customer Service And Experience

As a medical professional, you know the industry is always changing. Here are some stats you need to know to ensure you're providing an excellent customer experience:
The cost of onboarding alone for a mid-range office manager position is $8,000. -Center for American Progress

Why you...

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A Dentist’s Newest Ally: The Virtual Receptionist A Dentist’s Newest Ally: The Virtual Receptionist

A list of 5 ways a virtual receptionist can help out at your dental practice.
Virtual receptionists are becoming popular in the offices of doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, contractors and all kinds of small businesses. They can offer a lot to a small office environment, and are more cost-effective than you might think

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