Expert Advice To Guide Your 2021 Business Strategy
Are you crafting a fresh business strategy for 2021? Nexa Receptionists is here to help with some sound advice from a few of our key executives. Scroll down for their tips on questions to ask yourself before mapping out the coming months, a...

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5 High-Performing Companies That Outsource Staffing (& What You Can Learn From Them)

What is Outsourcing?
Before delving into the list of companies who outsource, you should make sure to fully understand the term.

Outsourcing is the contracting of part of a business's processes or "value chain" to an external third-party provider. Usually, they will perform tasks in ...

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cost avoidance vs cost savings

Understanding Hard and Soft Costs
Hard costs and soft costs may sound like jargon. In fact, there are some major differences between them which you should try to understand before exploring the differences in cost saving vs cost reduction.

Hard costs relate to assets, which are often...

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How Much Does a Construction Worker Make? Best & Worst States for Construction Workers

Average Salary
The average hourly rate for a construction worker is $15.74/hour in the United States, coming to a yearly average of $45,961. You can also expect to make an average of $5,250 in overtime per year.

However, your location also plays a part in this. Your salary can vary g...

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How to Motivate Employees Working From Home

How To Motivate Employees: The Challenges Of Remote Work
There are a number of factors that deem remote work a challenge. Managers need to understand them before they can act to fix them. If your business is new to working from home, you can expect a decline in productivity from top perform...

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Remote Work Policy Guidelines For Business Owners

6 Tips to Craft a Comprehensive Remote Work Policy
Developing remote work policies doesn’t have to be a huge pain. In fact, it’s a lot simpler than many business owners realize. In any case, here are 6 tips to help get your remote work policy up and running in the time of COVID-19:


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What You Need to Know About Recruiting A Younger Workforce

A strong successful team is at the heart of small businesses. When searching for the best talent to enhance your team, the recruiting process takes a significant investment of time and resources. Therefore, it is important for your small business to stand out in the competitive job market and attract the right candidates.

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The Dangers of Startup Culture: How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Burnout

Entrepreneurs are driven to succeed. Make sure to invest in your health, outsource when you need help, and be realistic in your goals to do this.

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How to Implement Excellent Customer Support for Your Business

No matter how great your customer support team is, something will inevitably go wrong. It’s just a fact of business. When it does, your customers need to be able to reach you instantly.

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3 Roles to Hire Remotely For Business Success

A lot of trends come and go in the business world, but a recent change in office dynamics has staying power: remote workers. The category of remote workers is broad; it can refer to people who work from home a few days a week, freelancers hired on for creative work, or virtual receptionists who take calls and keep schedules. If you decide to hire remotely, your work team can now look entirely different than it might have a few years ago, and that’s a good thing.

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