Nexa Culture: The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace -

Nexa Culture: Emphasizing The Importance Of Diversity In The Workplace
A 2019 report by Harver about the advantages of diversity in the workplace shows that 87 percent of organizations surveyed around the world list “diversity” as either a stated value or priority area for development. The ...

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call handling

What is Call Handling?
Simply put, call handling is how a business deals with both outbound calls and incoming calls.

Call handling varies massively depending on what type of business you are running. For instance, a tradesperson running a small outfit might deal with all of their ow...

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automated answering service

Do You Need a Call Answering Service?
Before establishing which of these options to go for, you should consider whether or not you need a service for your business. Your business phone system might be absolutely crucial to dealing with customers, or it might just be occasionally used for ne...

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4 Untapped Customer Service Tips To Encourage Return Customers

Repeat or Returning Customers - What Is The Difference?
Some people define repeat customers and return customers slightly differently.

Generally, it is accepted that a repeat customer is someone who can be considered loyal in some way. They may make a conscious decision to come back ...

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how to deal with angry customers

How To Handle Angry Customers: Our Top Tips
1. Try to Remain Calm Throughout
You might be a little blindsided by the encounter, especially if your job is not always to deal with complaints. Some people are naturally better at staying calm in a stressful interaction. One of the top tip...

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voicemail greetings

Voicemail Greetings Do’s and Don’ts
But first, let's go over a few best practices for business voicemail greetings...


Make it clear near the start of the message whom the caller has reached.
Explain why you are not available.
Tell the caller what informat...

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live answering service

What is a Live Answering Service?
A live answering service - or a remote live answering service - is a company that a business hires to handle phone calls on a 24/7 basis. Live answering services are fairly broad, covering everything from screening calls to full appointment booking and cust...

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How can you provide excellent customer service in healthcare?
Patients expect quality customer service in the healthcare industry. While other industries might allow businesses to get by with minimal effort, healthcare gives little room for error. People often consider great customer servic...

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7 Ways To Create An Improved Customer Experience In 2020

How To Ensure Improved Customer Experience
Think about all the ways your business interacts with current and prospective buyers, online as well as offline.

They visit your website, read your blog, interact with your social media pages and maybe even call the support lines once in a w...

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Live Receptionist Services: How They Change Your Small Business

Live receptionist services are a game-changer for all businesses. Small businesses, in particular, can hugely benefit from live voice answering.  NexaProfessional handles live voice answering, appointment scheduling, emergency dispatch, CRM integration and more for over 1000 companies across Nort...

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