The Law Office of Stephanie Lake: No Leads Lost

Stephanie Lake is a Board Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability Law. She leads one of the most successful Social Security law firms in Arizona. Her office handles a high volume of calls from current and prospective clients, but her small in-house team couldn’t answer multiple calls at the same time, and many callers were sent to voicemail or hung up.

“Our goal is to win more cases and get more clients,” said Joseph J. Duerst, an attorney on the team. “However, we were all having a hard time handling the influx of calls. We were missing new clients.”

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Whitehardt: Premium Support

As a premium marketing firm for legal clients, Whitehardt Inc. understands the need for high-quality service. Since 2012, Whitehardt Inc. has been delivering smarter marketing solutions to law firms across the United States from its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

As Whitehardt Inc. grew, so did their calls, and their team became overwhelmed.

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