Choosing a Dental Answering Service: Three Things to Consider

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Running a dental clinic isn’t a one-man job: there are endless challenges you face as a dentist – diagnosing patients, performing procedures, developing treatment plans – it’s easy to forget you have a whole business on your hands.

While your procedures may not be a painless experience, you must provide excellent customer service that makes clients’ experience with you a pleasant and convenient one.

It starts with having the dental answering service – and Nexa Receptionists is the partner you’re looking for.

When clients contact your office, trust that our compassionate virtual receptionists understand their nervousness, and will respond to them in a way that reflects their needs and your practice. With Nexa, you can rest assured that your potential customers end up loyal clients after the first call.

Dental Answering Service For Your Clinic: What To Consider

83% of U.S. adults cite oral health as their current health-related priority, which makes customer relationship management a business strategy you need to look into.

Additionally, your dental office may be facing a series of issues that are causing lumps within your conversion funnel. You may experience the following challenges:

Poor Marketing

You may be relying on clients to spread the word about your clinic and the great root canal you performed for them.

However, 72% of customers share a positive experience with only six or more people – so it may not be the best strategy to win over clients.

Extreme Fatigue

You may find it tempting to manage every facet of your business on your own, which not only adds to long hours but also adds pressure to your work.

This can leave you disorganized and inattentive to your patients’ needs.

A dental answering service is an investment that frees you up to do what you do best! With the virtual assistance taking care of your incoming phone calls, you can focus on more critical tasks at hand.

Hiring The Wrong Dental Staff

Finding the right desk receptionist that is in tune with your customers’ needs and proactively helps you build a loyal client base can be a challenge – especially if you don’t have the time to vet them.

Additionally, a full-time receptionist requires months of training, and can quickly become bored with their work, soon becoming a liability on your payroll.

On the other hand, Nexa’s virtual receptionists are impassioned receptionists that are dedicated to ensuring your success. Skip the probation period and team up with professionals who know what they’re doing.

The Benefits Of A Dental Office Answering Service

Partnering with Nexa Receptionists means you have taken the initiative to boost your dental practice and take your services to the next level. With dedicated receptionists to answer every call that comes your way, you can rest assured that your clients will know they have a dentist that cares.

Scheduling Appointments

Our live agents schedule appointments for you using tools that easily integrate with your pre-existing platforms. Forget about double bookings, packed schedules, and missed lunch breaks – our virtual receptionists are here to help you balance things out.

Custom Representation

Nexa receptionists are trained in dental industry practices and verbiage. We don’t need to learn about your customers’ needs; we can tap into their pain points with relative ease.

You can tailor your script to your business, and our receptionists will answer patient calls in a professional and friendly way.

Zero Additional Costs

Nexa Receptionists work remotely, meaning you don’t have to provide for – and hire – any additional staff. What’s more, your clients won’t be able to tell the difference!

No overtime, no holiday bonuses, no sick leaves that cost you top dollars – our dental office answering services agents are by your side 24/7/365 at no additional cost!

Pay for what you need: with our flexible plans, you can easily find a solution that matches you just right. Are you looking for a custom plan? Fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you with a solution tailored to your needs.

No Calls Left To The Answer Machine

Whether you’re an established practice or new in the industry, our dental office answering service makes sure no call goes unattended.

From providing directions and answering queries on the services you offer to reminding clients about dental appointments – we take every call that comes your way so that you have a calendar full of appointments to take.

Need a way to keep track? Our dental answering service comes with a dedicated mobile app and web portal, so you can monitor phone calls, view recordings, and manage appointments.

We are an extension of your office, determined to help you grow and succeed.

Free, No-Risk Trial

Still not sure? Give us a try and see for yourself! Nexa Receptionists offer our new customers a 21-day money-back guarantee – no questions asked.

Nexa’s Dental Office Answering Service: Partner With Us Now

Americans spend $110 billion a year on oral healthcare, which means dental and oral healthcare is primed for success that you need to capitalize on – all the more reason to partner with a dental call center.

With more than 30,000,000 calls answered, Nexa is a HIPAA-compliant dental answering service that is committed to ensuring the best possible experience for your patients. We can help you create a partnership that matches your services with your clients’ needs.

We work round the clock, so your patients can reach you 24/7/365. Don’t work on holidays? We’ll handle appointment scheduling, message taking, follow-ups, and outbound calls beyond office hours, so you can focus on what matters – your patients.

Ready to give us a shot? Check out our dental office answering service plans, and build a loyal client base starting today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Clients Realize You Aren't My Desk Receptionist?

Even though Nexa Receptionists work remotely, we work as part of your team, so your customers will never know the difference! We work endlessly to act as an extension of your practice, so your patients’ experience with us will not suffer due to our location.

How Do Will Nexa Receptionists Answer My Calls?

Whenever your customers call, a friendly receptionist picks up to help them out with any questions/concerns they have for you. If they need to schedule an appointment, we take care of that too! Need a way to track everything? Access our mobile app to view recorded calls, check appointment bookings, and adjust as you go!

Do I Need Office Space To Accommodate Your Staff?

No! Our staff requires no training or office space to get the job done! Nexa’s Receptionists work remotely, so you need not worry about any additional costs of the sort.

Industries We Work With

With years of experience in multiple industry-leading software, our integration services have saved valuable time and money for business owners in many industries.

Client Reviews

Nexa helps me tremendously because they get me the information I need and they get it to me immediately…For me, using a virtual receptionist is a no-brainer. Any law firm that is not doing it is kind of living in the past. I think it’s what clients expect today.


We’re a small but growing business and we needed a partner to help us be able to cover the phones 24 hours a day. NexaProfessional made it possible for us to scale while keeping the quality of customer experience that we intend. Their people have been excellent.


We feel confident that everything is handled as well as if you were in the office with us. I have never had a customer complain about the answer or the response they got from one of the staff.