Saienni Law: A Practice Made Perfect

Answer 1 Case Study: Saienni Law: A Practice Made Perfect


Joe Saienni knows Phoenix well. As an Arizona native and practicing attorney since 1996, he has been working tirelessly in complex commercial litigation, real estate, family law, and defensive law.

However, his excellent reputation meant he was getting more calls than his firm could handle alone. The last thing an established attorney needs to be worrying about is answering calls.

Before choosing NexaReceptionists, Saienni considered forwarding calls to his personal cell phone. “Many of my clients are in emergency situations, and they need 24-hour access. If I miss a call, I lose the client.”

However, this wasn’t a workable solution. In addition to handling high profile felony cases, Saienni teaches criminal law seminars on ethical defense, appeals, and petitions for modified political procedures, and is a certified flight instructor and scuba instructor. He didn’t have time for answering calls and office management.

On top of all that, Saienni Law currently specialized in defensive law, dealing with felonies, DUI cases, and wrongful death lawsuits. Saienni needed a customer service team that took clients as seriously as he did.


The professionalism, 24/7 availability, and extensive training of NexaReceptionists sold Saienni.

“I realized after exploring alternative options to NexaReceptionists that no one else could do what was so important for Saienni Law,” he told us. Nexa’s ability to screen calls helped prevent Saienni from being constantly on call, so he could focus on excelling in the courtroom.

Another benefit of NexaReceptionists is bilingual virtual receptionists at no added cost, which has made a substantial difference for Saienni Law.

Nearly 30% of Arizonans speak Spanish, so if you don't have a bilingual team member your potential client base is shrinking.

Brooke Jolley, one of the company’s top employees, said that they've seen a substantial increase in prospective clients. “None of us at the firm speak Spanish, so we were missing out on a lot of calls in years past. Thanks to Nexa handling the language barrier, we're reaching a whole new demographic.”


Now that NexaReceptionists has become an extension of the practice, Saienni Law is reaching prospective clients first. “We've been using NexaReceptionists for years,” Saienni told us, “but the answering service we had previously used couldn’t even pronounce our name right.” Now, clients can't tell the difference between our virtual receptionist or an in house team member.

“We're very pleased with the service we've received from Nexa,” Saienni said, and the results prove it. Since starting service with NexaReceptionists, they've seen an increase in quality and quantity of clients. Saienni Law has even forwarded our information to other attorneys in the Valley looking for more than an answering service.