NEXA MEDICAL: A Trusted First Impression

NEXA MEDICAL: A Trusted First Impression


Doctors understand high-pressure situations. A psychotherapist working out of Gardnerville, Nevada is used to keeping cool under pressure, since she works with couples and individuals dealing with anger, anxiety, depression, and grief.

For individuals seeking mental health help, quick response times are crucial. Trust is foundational for a successful therapist/patient relationship. This trust hinges on every interaction– especially that first impression.

“The #1 complaint of clients everywhere is that therapists do not return calls,” the doctor explained. “I knew my reputation was on the line when calls just weren’t getting answered. This is because my office mate would pass on some referrals to me, but it would take a day or so for her to call them and then it would take another day to get back to me. At the time, that was the best scenario.”

The APA reports that “Ninety-seven percent of respondents considered access to mental health services important, but only 70 percent feel they have adequate access to mental health care.”

By the time a client calls a therapist’s office, they have dealt with social stigma, their insurance or lack thereof, and their anxieties and internal troubles. After all that struggle, to be met with a voice mail is incredibly discouraging.


This doctor needed a solution. “I looked online at other answering services, but the medical training of the virtual receptionists at NexaMedical made all the difference. Medical expertise, price, the longevity of the company, and customer reviews all contributed to my choice.”

NexaMedical has been serving businesses and professionals in multiple industries since 1983. Our team of industry trained virtual receptionists are also HIPAA compliant, which means professionals can rest easy, knowing their patients are in capable hands.

The level of personalization Nexa offers clients was a game changer. “I was able to add a voice message that I recorded in my own voice to play instead of the hold music during the day and a different one for off business hours. This provides information that the caller seeks such as fax number, availability, website address, to save on the live answering cost.”

Another benefit of a medical virtual receptionist is constant support. 1 in 5 adults in the United States report having untreated mental health issues, and there’s a massive shortage of mental health providers, according to Mental Health America.

As a psychotherapist, the doctor receives contact calls from people in genuine distress, at all hours. After hour calls were hitting voicemail, and she was losing clients.

Now, potential clients seeking help are met with calm, trained professionals.

“The responsiveness of the wonderful and dedicated staff at Nexa has been a game changer,” she said. “You can hear the smiles in their voices. They have a readiness to serve and work hard to communicate clearly and learn from each interaction.”    

NexaMedical is able to handle appointment setting and scheduling as well, which leads to “more booked clients, and quicker response times, sometimes by days,” the doctor explained.


“There is no doubt that NexaMedical has increased revenue for me,” said the doctor.

“Before by the time I would get to call the potential client, they sometimes had found someone else, or they were disappointed in the long wait to hear back.

Now, they hear back within hours because of the live answer and script that leads to me. I know that trust building in our business due to responsiveness adds to the bottom line.”

NexaMedical is ready to do the same for your practice. Let our industry trained, HIPAA compliant virtual receptionists build trust in your business, one call at a time.