Colorado Disaster Restoration: Accuracy and Excellence

Colorado Disaster Restoration: Accuracy and Excellence


The team at Colorado Disaster Restoration is familiar with high-pressure situations. They provide the entire metro Denver area with difficult cleaning, sanitation, and decontamination needs, handling everything from water damage restoration to crime scene cleanup. 

Not only is the team at Colorado Disaster Restoration dedicated to providing professional, timely, and compassionate cleanup, they’re available 24/7. When you’re working so hard, you can’t catch every call. 

‘We’ve explored answering services before, but had difficulty with the way calls were handled,” said Mike Graul, the operations manager. “We need everyone who calls in to be able to speak to an actual person. After all, we only get one shot at an emergency response.” 

Call volume for Colorado Disaster Restoration increases by more than 13x from afternoon to evening, and other answering services just couldn’t keep up.


Enter NexaHomeServices.

Nexa’s industry trained virtual receptionists are able to bridge the gap between Colorado Disaster Restoration’s potential clients in a crisis and emergency dispatch. Since Nexa’s virtual receptionists are available around the clock and trained in a businesses procedures, each call is handled consistently and up to Colorado Disaster Restoration’s standards for emergency dispatch.

“The accurate transmission of collected information is crucial to us, so we rely on Nexa for prompt responses,” explained Graul. In February 2019, Nexa’s average speed of answer was 13 seconds, which is less than 3 rings. Clients get the prompt response they need, and the team at Colorado Disaster Restoration can focus on getting the job done right.


For the last two years, NexaHomeServices has been helping Colorado Disaster Restoration provide the excellent service they’re known for. 

In the last six months alone, Nexa has answered 1634 calls for this account. 

 “With NexaHomeServices, we’re no longer missing calls,” said Graul. “When evaluating our options, what was most important to us was courtesy, accuracy, consistency, and the ability to follow clear directions. NexaHomeServices does it all.”