Chas Roberts: A Decade of Exceptional Service

Chas Roberts: A Decade of Exceptional Service


Chas Roberts is the largest HVAC and plumbing provider in Arizona, serving the Metro Phoenix and Tucson areas. They create comfortable living environments for thousands of families by providing quality air conditioning, heating, and plumbing services at competitive prices.

They assist clients across Arizona, with more than three generations worth of experience.


Being such a successful company comes with some unique challenges. “We have a large volume of calls,” said Erika Richards, marketing analyst.  “To be able to provide the consistency we need with answering the phones, we needed to make sure our callers reach a live person.”

Before the team at Chas Roberts found a solution, they were getting overwhelmed with their high call volume. “What was most important to us when evaluating our options was consistency, access to our calls and recordings, and ease of change when we have protocol or policy changes.”

With the constant, sustained growth they were experiencing, they needed a support option with serious experience.


NexaHomeServices was ready to help. With over 35 years of experience serving small and mid-sized companies across the country, Nexa was the partner Chas Roberts needed.

“We’ve used NexaHomeServices since 2009,” said Richards. “We rely on their access to our customer calls.”

The high quality of calls is crucial to the Chas Roberts customer experience. They also make frequent use of Nexa messaging, appointment scheduling, and emergency dispatch.


From September 2018 to current date, the Chas Roberts team has sent over 10,000 secure messages through NexaHomeServices, with a peak of 2064 messages sent in May 2019 alone.

NexaHomeServices secure messaging ensures the emergency dispatch process runs smoothly since managers on the Chas Roberts team sees when technicians receive, open, and close messages.

In the last decade, NexaHomeServices has provided excellent service for Chas Roberts callers. The two companies have both grown together, and NexaHomeServices has provided the support that Chas Roberts needed to continually excel.

This process streamlines emergency triage and helps prioritize security and efficiency. “Working with Nexa is seamless,” said Richards. “We rely on their consistency and ease of access. I have personally recommended Nexa before.”