Assisted Living Locators: Meet the Standard of Excellence

Assisted Living Locators: Meet the Standard of Excellence

The Challenge: Inquiries, Unanswered

Assisted Living Locators understand how important it is to provide an excellent customer experience. They work with families concerned with the extremely personal and sensitive matter of senior health and living.

Giving clients the level of care they need became difficult for the Assisted Living team as they grew; they have over 80 franchises across the country and a small in-house team. Still, they need to provide each client with high-quality care.

“We get calls at all times of the day, even after we’ve left the office,” says Ryan Dougherty, a member of their corporate team. “Before we found a solution, a lot of calls were going unanswered or missed.” That was unacceptable to Assisted Living Locators since they work as a true partner and not just a placing service.

The Nexa Solution: An Extension Of Your Business

Enter NexaMedical. Since 2017,  our comprehensive, industry trained team of virtual receptionists were able to handle all calls, schedule appointments, and determine where each call needed to go in the Assisted Living franchise system.

Having this support 24/7/365 has been a game changer. Assisted Living clients need to know that they can get the support they need when they need it. “Nexa allows us to get calls where they need to go throughout the country without taking up too much of our staff’s time,” says Ryan. “I can personally say that Nexa directing calls has greatly cut down on the number of calls I take and have to reroute. This allows me to get more of my other duties done in a day.”

The Result: A Renewed Focus on Business Goals

NexaMedical is a true partner to Assisted Living Locators, and neither businesses show any signs of slowing down. “We are focused on growing and expanding, bringing on more franchisees, and serving more clients,” explained Ryan. Working with Nexa allows Assisted living Locators to focus on what matters to them and their business.  

“Any business missing a high volume of calls, either after hours or when their phone lines are tied up, would benefit from NexaMedical,” Ryan said. “It’s been our solution.”