Assisted Living Locators: Meeting the Standard of Excellence

Need For a Solution

Tim and Isela work with families concerned with the extremely personal and sensitive matters of senior health and living. They understand that a personal and professional touch is necessary when dealing with these sensitive matters.

Anticipating increased client calls, and realizing that missed calls or automated answering menus would not meet their standard of excellence, they began their search for a personal voice to represent their business when they couldn’t answer the phone for potential clients.

Solution in Action

In 2017, Tim and Isela began working with Nexa Receptionists to meet their standard of excellence and sustain anticipated growth. Nexa Receptionists' virtual receptionists were quickly trained to handle the personal and professional care required for Assisted Living Locators’ sensitive business. The virtual receptionists work 24/7/365 to pick up the phone to support Tim and Isela’s efforts to help seniors and families of seniors find the perfect home.


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