Case Studies

At Nexa Receptionists, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients based on quantifiable success. Our case studies prove that our virtual receptionist solutions achieve real results and help our clients acquire more customers, capitalize on more leads, and strengthen the foundation of their business.

Chas Roberts: A Decade of Exceptional Service

Chas Roberts is the largest HVAC and plumbing provider in Arizona, serving the Metro Phoenix and Tucson areas. They create comfortable living environments for thousands of families by providing quality air conditioning, heating, and plumbing services at competitive prices.

Being such a successful company comes with some unique challenges. “We have a large volume of calls,” said Erika Richards, marketing analyst.  “To be able to provide the consistency we need with answering the phones, we needed to make sure our callers reach a live person.”

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The Hislop Group, LLC: Small Team, Big Results

The Hislop Group is a trusted resource for meeting and surpassing customer service needs across North America. “Our goal is to deliver excellent customer service,” says Bob Hislop, the managing director, and co-founder. “A sale is never complete without the support of exceptional customer service.”

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Home Health Hospice: Speed, Accuracy, Sensitivity

Since 1970, an Alabama based home health provider cared for thousands of home health and hospice patients and provided specialty programs for dementia, cancer, stroke, and heart patients.

With over 1000 employees and customers in almost country in the state, they certainly had their hands full. They needed additional help for after-hours and weekend answering. They wanted a service that could speak directly with patients and determine their needs quickly and compassionately.

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Colorado Disaster Restoration: Accuracy and Excellence

The team at Colorado Disaster Restoration is familiar with high-pressure situations. They provide the entire metro Denver area with difficult cleaning, sanitation, and decontamination needs, handling everything from water damage restoration to crime scene cleanup. 

Not only is the team at Colorado Disaster Restoration dedicated to providing professional, timely, and compassionate cleanup, they’re available 24/7. When you’re working so hard, you can’t catch every call. 

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The Law Office of Stephanie Lake: No Leads Lost

Stephanie Lake is a Board Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability Law. She leads one of the most successful Social Security law firms in Arizona. Her office handles a high volume of calls from current and prospective clients, but her small in-house team couldn’t answer multiple calls at the same time, and many callers were sent to voicemail or hung up.

“Our goal is to win more cases and get more clients,” said Joseph J. Duerst, an attorney on the team. “However, we were all having a hard time handling the influx of calls. We were missing new clients.”

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Whitehardt: Premium Support

As a premium marketing firm for legal clients, Whitehardt Inc. understands the need for high-quality service. Since 2012, Whitehardt Inc. has been delivering smarter marketing solutions to law firms across the United States from its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

As Whitehardt Inc. grew, so did their calls, and their team became overwhelmed.

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Best Materials: Scalability At The Right Price

Retailers like Best Materials need customer service that stands out from the crowd, while still maintaining efficiency and accuracy. Since 1994, companies across the country have relied on Best Materials to provide supplies like caulk and sealants, hardware, and other repair materials.

Scalability was a big issue for the Best Material team. While their business was growing, they were having a hard time keeping up with call overflow while maintaining top quality service for shoppers.

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NEXA MEDICAL: A Trusted First Impression

By the time a client calls a therapist’s office, they have dealt with social stigma, their insurance or lack thereof, and their anxieties and internal troubles. After all that struggle, to be met with a voice mail is incredibly discouraging.

This therapist in Gardnerville, NV needed a solution. “I looked online at other answering services, but the medical training of the virtual receptionists at NexaMedical made all the difference. Medical expertise, price, the longevity of the company, and customer reviews all contributed to my choice.”

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Environmental Air: A Trusted Partner

Nexa has been working with Environmental Air Inc. from the very beginning.  Both businesses have changed dramatically since 1992, but Black said the reasons Environmental Air needed an answering service haven’t changed.

“We were looking for a real voice on the other end of calls,” he recalls. “We need a service that is constantly evolving and making sure we don’t lose client or lead info, and Nexa has always done that for us.”

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The Power Of A 24/7 Partner

All clients deserve quality client-centered representation, and one criminal defense attorney decided to make that happen.

After serving as a public defender, this Maryland based attorney opened a private law practice to offer affordable and quality ...

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