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6 Common Misconceptions About Virtual Receptionist Services

Now, more than ever, companies are switching from in-house receptionists to virtual answering services. Since virtual receptionists are 1/10th the cost of a traditional in-house receptionist, it makes sense to outsource your calls and scheduling. However, a lot of misconceptions remain in the industry.

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Why Your Business Needs a Live Voice for Customer Service

Have you ever called a company only to be put on hold for a long time, or even worse, get sent straight to voicemail? This experience is incredibly frustrating, and unfortunately, very common.

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How to Find the Perfect Legal Receptionist For Your Law Firm

Make sure your legal clients are in the best hands. Find your perfect legal receptionist today with Answer 1.

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How to Scale Your Tech Company Without Losing Customers

You can scale your tech company without losing customers is possible – as long as you know the right steps to take.

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Join Our Team at the Nexa Job Fair

Are you ready for an opportunity in a fast-paced, rapidly growing company?

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5 Ways to Create a Cohesive Customer Experience on Social Media 5 Ways to Create a Cohesive Customer Experience on Social Media

Despite the fact that social media exists to connect people and businesses, it can feel increasingly impersonal. With most sites developing complicated algorithms to track interest and target users on what the equation thinks they need, social media users can feel overwhelmed by the ads they are being served and the presence of businesses on their timelines.

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The Benefits of Bilingual Virtual Receptionists For Your Business The Benefits of Answer 1: Bilingual Receptionists

Answer 1 is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona is a state with one of the highest Spanish speaking populations in the country. The United States is heavily populated with Spanish speakers: “41 million native speakers and 12 million bilingual people, the United States is already the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world”, according to Quartz Media.

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3 Ways to Wow on Your Next Business Call 3 Ways to Wow on Your Next Business Call

Let’s face it: no one likes making or taking phone calls. All of the technology available at our fingertips can make talking on the phone feel archaic, but the truth is phone calls are more important than ever: Nexogy says that “Telecommunications is still the lifeblood of business activity, and it’s critical that professionals learn to use their phone correctly for business.”

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Law and Customer Service Automation: What You Need to Know Law and Customer Service Automation: What You Need to Know

Automation is a major buzzword in the business world, particularly when it comes to customer service. Today’s most successful companies are using automation tools, technology, and A.I. (artificial intelligence) to continually improve and streamline their business practices, allowing them to serve more customers and grow at a faster rate than ever before.

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