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hipaa compliant texting

What Is HIPAA Compliant Texting?
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulates how healthcare providers and related businesses record, store, manage and share patient's private and personal medical information.

Now that you know a little about HIPAA let's take...

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voicemail greetings

Voicemail Greetings Do’s and Don’ts
But first, let's go over a few best practices for business voicemail greetings...


Make it clear near the start of the message whom the caller has reached.
Explain why you are not available.
Tell the caller what informat...

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real estate answering service

How Can A Real Estate Answering Service Enhance Your Business?
From meetings with clients to closing deals on dream homes, real estate professionals are constantly on the go. Not only are you short on time, but answering calls while you're with clients isn't proper business etiquette.


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live answering service

What is a Live Answering Service?
A live answering service - or a remote live answering service - is a company that a business hires to handle phone calls on a 24/7 basis. Live answering services are fairly broad, covering everything from screening calls to full appointment booking and cust...

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small business answering service

Businesses That Need a Small Business Answering Service
There are a thousand examples we could use to demonstrate the reasons for having a small business answering service. Virtually every business is a candidate. If you have recently started your business or you don't have full-time staff,...

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How can you provide excellent customer service in healthcare?
Patients expect quality customer service in the healthcare industry. While other industries might allow businesses to get by with minimal effort, healthcare gives little room for error. People often consider great customer servic...

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Dentist Practice Management: How To Run A Successful Dental Practice
Below are five dental office management guidelines for running a successful dental practice:
1. Create A Distinct Work Culture
The office culture is an extension of your branding as a business, as it offers ins...

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Roofing Sales Tips & Techniques (5 Ways to Get More Business in 2020)

Every successful roofing business must be able to provide at least three things: high-quality materials, reliable service, and effective sales tactics. While most roofing businesses know how to accomplish the first two, they struggle with roofing sales techniques. Despite the dangers of procrasti...

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Contractor Marketing Strategies: 20 Proven Ways to Get More Customers

There are dozens of methods and marketing tools to develop a sound contractor marketing strategy. Unfortunately, not every strategy will get you the kind of results you want. There are some tried-and-true methods to improve your business, but many of the most effective marketing techniques have o...

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How Much Does a Construction Worker Make? Best & Worst States for Construction Workers

Average Salary
The average hourly rate for a construction worker is $15.74/hour in the United States, coming to a yearly average of $45,961. You can also expect to make an average of $5,250 in overtime per year.

However, your location also plays a part in this. Your salary can vary g...

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