Virtual Receptionist Provider, Answer 1, Segments Receptionists Into Industry Specific Teams To Better Service Clients

By Walt Conrad

Phoenix, AZ – Answer 1, LLC, a leading virtual receptionist and technology-enabled business answering services provider, today announced the move to segment its virtual receptionists into industry-specific teams to enhance the client experience. With the move, Answer 1 business clients can rely on Answer 1 to provide receptionists with specific industry knowledge and experience.

Answer 1 provides its services for companies of all sizes in industries representing all corners of the economy. The Company provides service 24/7/365 and is backed by industry-leading technology that allows them to provide its clients an exceptional experience on every call. Answer 1 services include lead qualification and appointment scheduling, virtual receptionist services, enhanced customer support, and more.

Answer 1 CEO, Parker Davis noted: “We are convinced that receptionists specializing in serving specific end markets will lead to better service for our clients and their customers. We have rolled out the following service verticals: Professional, Commercial, Medical, Legal, and Technology, with more to follow soon.” The industry team structure will ensure that when client’s customers call, they will be speaking with an Answer 1 receptionist who possesses substantial knowledge and industry experience.

The move also affords Answer 1 receptionists to be trained on each industry’s leading business software. Backed by industry leading technology and its proprietary API, Answer 1’s receptionists can quickly navigate popular business CRM’s like Clio, Salesforce, and Service Titan, and input the correct information with a very high level of accuracy.

For over 30 years Answer 1 has helped small and medium-sized businesses sell more, cut costs, and enhance their brand image with virtual receptionist services. Thousands of companies across the U.S. have been able to grow their businesses with the help of Answer 1’s virtual receptionists. Answer 1 places a great deal of focus on their receptionists which led them to be named a Top Place to Work in Arizona since 2013. Happy receptionists lead to happy voices answering your phones. See how Answer 1 can help you today at