Snapchat for Small Business: 6 Ideas for Getting Started

Snapchat for Small Business: 6 Ideas for Getting Started

You don’t have to be a mega-corporation to use Snapchat to create effect. Even small businesses can use Snapchat in new and exciting ways, as revealed in our mini Snapchat round-up. Take a look!

1. Reveal sneak peeks into your business

The opportunity to take candid, behind the scenes shots at your business means giving your customers an intimate look at its inner workings, a bit like the same way in which Snapchat users send private photos to trusted friends. In this way, you are communicating a message of connection to your loyal followers, a crucial factor to Snapchat’s user base, according to the Social Media Examiner.

2. Use Geofilters to increase engagement

One of the features that Snapchat users love is the ability to alter their images with custom overlays (basically small art graphics), often in humorous or quirky ways. Small businesses can take advantage of this functionality by purchasing On Demand Geofilters, a way for customers to overlay their pictures with a themed graphic specific to your business that becomes operable within a predefined geographic area.

(Source: Hootsuite).

3. Preview an exciting new product or service

Brands can use Snapchat’s powerful platform to build hype around a new product or service, such as the way cosmetics company NARS recently did for the launch of their upcoming special collection, as revealed by Convince and Convert. To enable the limited preview, new followers had to add the NARS account as a friend before being able to access the exclusive content at a designated time. Extremely effective!

4. Try Snapchat Video on for size

If you have a stronger message than might be allowed for by a mere photograph, you might like to try encapsulating your brand message in video format. Snapchat Video allows you to go in depth with your message, even though it too is set to disappear before your customers’ very eyes after an allotted period. Jayson DeMers, a contributor to Forbes, just asks us to remember that being casual is the name of the game here. Stuffy will not do at all in this environment.

5. Stimulate their appetites with a series of Snaps

So far we have dealt with photographs and videos in isolation, but what can work well is a series of short snaps released together in a sequence. In this way you could develop a ‘teaser’ for a new product or service, steadily uncovering individual pieces of an overall puzzle until it is time for the big reveal. This works well for movie premieres but could work great in lots of other contexts as well.

(Source: Sprout Social).

6. Leverage the Power of Influencers

We’ve been talking a lot about Influencers on the blog lately, and all with excellent reason. Snapchat is no exception and offers some exciting opportunities to leverage off well-connected influencers within your industry. As Kim Garst of Boom Social explains it, on Snapchat this usually happens by inviting the influencer to take over your account for a day or two, running it from their perspective. This allows cross-over between your follower base and theirs, a potentially lucrative cross-pollination exercise for both your accounts.

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