NexaInsights: How to Manage the On-Call Calendar Yourself

Last updated November 19, 2019 written by Jaime Faulkner

NexaInsights: How to Manage the On-Call Calendar Yourself

A lot of our clients know about the NexaInsights app and portal. While you’re using them on a daily basis, not everyone knows that you can manage the NexaInsights on-call calendar yourself! 

While our Customer Success is always happy to help you configure your on-call calendar, it’s easier than ever for you to set up your own scheduling.

Benefits of managing your own on-call calendar 

  • You can manage live updates as they happen
  • You can schedule in advance
  • It saves you time
  • You can always stay in the loop
  • You can handle emergency dispatch and on-call employees
  • You have more after-hours control

All of that sounds good, but how exactly do you get started managing your own on-call calendar? Let’s walk through the steps.  


  • Contact your Account Specialist to enable OnCall calendar & obtain credentials
    • You won’t be able to set up your calendar without your account specialist, so make sure to let us know you’re interested
  • Your Account Specialist will configure your calendar based on your specific business needs
  • Sign in to the NexaInsights portal

  • Go to Dashboard

  • Go to Accounts

  • Go to OnCall Calendar


To Add an Entry:

  • Click Create OnCall Entry button or Click on Date
  • Choose correct category

  • Choose shift time

  • Select employee
  • Desginate start and end time

    • Using a pre-defined shift will auto-populate start & end time
  • Doublecheck end time is correct


Adding an entry, continued:

  •   Adjust OnCall Display Order

    •   If multiple people are on-call, adjust ranking accordingly
  •   Create a new on-call entry for each contact (i.e Backup, Mgr)
  •   Use Copy feature to create new shifts for additional contacts
  •   Use Copy feature to copy the same shift to a different date range(s)



Here’s what you need to do to modify an existing entry:

To change the entire shift:

1. Click on an existing entry

2.Complete necessary modifications & Save

To modify part of an existing entry:

(ex: apply coverage for a couple of hours instead of revising entire shift)

1. Click on an existing entry

2. Click +Coverage button

3.Complete Coverage Slot Section & Save

  • Reason
  • OnCallEmployee
  • Start time
  • End time

4. Temporary coverage assignment will display under the existing entry

Extra info

  • Administrative permissions can be assigned by a user
  • For example: View only vs. editing capabilities
  • Use Until Further Notice button to put an employee on-call indefinitely

Don’t forget!

  • The contacts tab refers to CALLERS, not USERS
    • Callers are YOUR callers
    • Users are YOUR team with accounts
  • If you need to an on-call employee, contact

 Any questions? Check out our latest Youtube video to hear more info from Cameron Reichert, our Vice President of Customer Success.

Managing your own on-call calendar gives you instant productivity and control. Start enjoying the benefits of NexaInsights today!