NexaHomeServices: Emergency Dispatch, Handled

Last updated June 10, 2020 written by Jaime Faulkner

NexaHomeServices: Emergency Dispatch, Handled

If you’re a home service professional, you’re familiar with emergency dispatch situations. Clients are calling at all times to get a hold of you to fix their AC, heating, broken pipes, plumbing problems⁠— you name it, you’re fixing it. 

But what happens when you’re getting calls after hours? Your clients need assistance, and they’re not going to wait for you to answer a call hours later.

 If you don’t pick up on the first call, they’re moving on to your competition. They’re not leaving a voicemail: 80% of callers don’t leave a message because they don’t think that it will be heard, Forbes reports.

That’s where NexaHomeServices comes in. 

The good news is that NexaHomeServices is ready to support your team after hours and during regular operations with our emergency dispatch services. 

Have you ever wondered exactly how it works? We have you covered. Let us walk you through the NexaHomeServices emergency dispatch process.

The NexaHomeServices emergency dispatch procedure.

Client calls your business

  • We can provide a custom phone number for your account, or forward your calls from your existing number

Nexa answers as your business

  • We work with you to create a custom script to match your in-house specifications
  • We gather basic info
    • Name, number, email, address, whatever info you need

We determine if the caller’s issue is an emergency

  • An emergency is determined by your internal standards. We only act by your procedures

If the issue is an emergency:

  • We collect information about emergency
  • We escalate according to your defined on-call procedures by contacting your team via:
    • SMS
    • Call
    • Email
  • You receive a detailed call log and report of all activities waiting in your inbox, as well as real-time access through the Nexa app/portal.

If the issue is not an emergency:

  • Nexa handles the call according to your custom workflow & routing procedures 
  • We can answer FAQs, schedule appointments directly in your CRM, and qualify leads.
  • Then, we redirect the call if necessary.
    • This is also determined by your procedures 
  • We let the caller end the conversation
  • You receive a detailed call log and report of all activities waiting in your inbox, as well as real-time access through the Nexa app/portal

We’re always on-call.

NexaHomeServices is ready to support your business, 24/7. Our process is flexible; let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen. Instead of struggling to find after-hours support or losing sleep over missed calls, you can focus on what matters while we provide your callers with excellent customer experiences.

“When we’re on the job, we’re on roofs, and on the road,” said Ed Black, of Environmental Air. “It’s impossible to get to the phone all of the time while we’re working and can’t take notes or schedule appointments as needed.” Read more here about how Nexa has helped Black’s team thrive with a 25+ year partnership.

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