NexaInsights: Using the App and Portal to Monitor Usage and Call History

Last updated November 19, 2019 written by Jaime Faulkner

NexaInsights: Using the App and Portal to Monitor Usage and Call History

One of the ways Nexa stands out as an industry leader in the virtual receptionist space is through our NexaInsights app and portal. Most answering services and virtual receptionists don’t offer extra support options like a portal. Nexa wanted to ensure clients have access to their call data wherever, whenever.

This post is part of a series of FAQs asked by Nexa clients about our app and portal. Read on to learn how to use the NexaInsights app and portal to monitor usage and call history.


The NexaInsights Portal is an easy way to monitor your account usage.  Get a quick snapshot of how many minutes you’ve used in the billing cycle by going to the Accounts tab.

For a look at past usage, look below the Usage History chart and click Usage History Details (Click to Expand).

On the Portal:

From your dashboard, click on the “Accounts” tab. If you have more than one account, click on the account name you wish to view.  Click on “Usage History Details” for the data in a table.

In the App:

From the bottom menu, click on “Accounts”. Click “Usage History” from the top menu bar.

This way, you can monitor wherever, whenever.

Billing History

You can also have a summary of usage emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly using automated reporting.  Go to Reports and create a new report.  For report type, select Bill Tracker and select the execution schedule to match your needs.

This shows an overview of usage for the current cycle.

Still have questions?

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