Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth Spaeth, Customer Experience Senior Advocate

Last updated May 26, 2021 written by Katarina Alaupovic

Full Name: Elizabeth Spaeth

Title: Customer Experience Senior Advocate

Length of Employment at Nexa Receptionists: 2.5 years

Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth Spaeth - nexa.com

Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth Spaeth, Customer Experience Senior Advocate

Thanks for sitting down to talk with our Nexa family, Elizabeth! To kick things off, let’s start with: What motivates you to wake up and go to work each day?

I always think about my five-year plan to give me motivation and purpose. I think about why I am doing this job and how each day I work brings me closer to my next goal.


What do you do at Nexa Receptionists on a day-to-day basis?

Most days I am scheduling medical appointments or real estate appointments, submitting refill requests, giving directions, relaying questions, and putting in orders for items varying from medical equipment to health products. Some days I get to be part of the dispatching team and be the contact between Nexa and our clients.


That’s a wide variety of projects and initiatives. What would you say has been your favorite project so far, or favorite part of your employment journey so far?

My favorite part of my Nexa journey was when I was part of the evening/night shift as a dispatcher. There were several clients who started to know who I was just because I was calling them every day. During my time with the evening crew, I was able to form bonds with several people in all three of our sites—Phoenix, Lake Havasu City and Richmond.


OK, now switching focus a bit to get to know you outside of work. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I was a college athlete. I was recruited in my junior year of high school and played field hockey during my freshman year of college.

Nexa Receptionists is a people-powered, tech-enabled services business—emphasis on the “people.” So, we’ll be introducing you to the hardworking agents and employees behind your account on a regular basis. Stay tuned for a future Employee Spotlight!