Customer Service Round Up — April 2018

Customer Service Round Up — April 2018

Happy Tuesday! Living in a 24-hour news cycle can be exhausting, but business owners and entrepreneurs need to stay in the know. We know you’re busy, so we’ve rounded up five articles from across the web to bring you the latest news in customer service this month.

The bright side of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal: Increased Awareness of your Online Footprint

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Everyone is talking about the Facebook data scandal that broke mid March. An immense panic about the way data is being used has emerged in the aftermath of the leak. A new hashtag #DeleteFacebook has been trending, and Mark Zuckerberg is scrambling to recover.

The good news is that this event has been a huge wake-up call for social media users. Becoming more responsible about your digital footprint is a smart move in 2018, and multiple articles have been released explaining how you can download all the data Facebook has stored about you from your account, and then at least you’ll be in the know about your information. If you’re ready to take the plunge, here’s a guide to permanently deleting your Facebook.

Our take: You should always be cautious and conscious of the information you’re putting online. Clients will most likely be highly concerned with their information moving forward into 2018. Make sure your clients’ info is protected, and share those protective measures with them. Be ready to answer their questions; they’ll certainly appreciate it.

Why Self-Service is the Future of Customer Support

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This report by Solvvy shows that excellent customer service is no longer a bonus, but a client expectation. With technology opening up a world of options for clients, your company has to be highly aware of the way you treat customers.

This is where self-service comes in, which this article explains “is a win-win–cheaper for the business and easier and preferable for customers.”

This article gives you a checklist for creating a self-service platform for your customers, complete with dos and don’ts.

Our take: Since Answer ‘s virtual receptionists provide CRM, scheduling, and calendar integration, we understand the value of automating some aspects of service. Give it a read and consider what adding self-service can do for your business.

5 Game-Changing Podcasts To Listen To On Your Commute

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It’s hard to carve out time to read when life gets overwhelming. Consuming media might even feel stressful. Realistically, there is a high likelihood that you aren’t taking advantage of the chunk of time you spend commuting. Fill your commute with podcasts instead of dead air time.

“This time, whether it’s 10 minutes or two hours, is an excellent time for continuing education,” Inc. says. This list of 5 podcasts is a great place to dive in if you’ve never enjoyed podcasts before. Focusing on how to better yourself, and learning life coach skills, and financial betterment, you can further your education every time you leave work.

Our take: We’re all about saving time and bettering yourself every day. Most of our clients are extremely busy, which makes podcasts are an excellent way to multitask!

7 Tips & Tools to Successfully Manage a Remote Team

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We’ve talked before about how to assemble the perfect remote team, but managing that team is another challenge entirely. This article reports that 45% of America’s workforce is now working remotely, and those numbers are only projected to rise in 2018.

Working with a remote team might still feel unconventional, but it’s a smart move for businesses and employees alike; 36% of workers would take the option to work from home over a raise, and many Millenials value a good life-work balance over higher salaries.

If you want your team to be happier, more productive, and consisting of a larger pool of talent, you might consider using a remote team. This article has tips about the tech tools you’ll need to communicate, training methods, how to utilize onboarding, and how to stay organized.

Our take: We understand the importance of thorough training. We train our virtual receptionists in virtualized teams in industry-specific fields.

We also understand that our virtual receptionists often end up being part of remote teams. If you’ve ever considering using a remote team, check this article out to consider the benefits.

4 Reasons Why You Need An Organic Social Media Strategy 

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If you’re in marketing, you’ve been hearing it for years; “Organic social media reach is DEAD.”

Unfortunately, it seems like every few months, another article comes out declaring that all posts must be paid. Otherwise, they say, your customers will never see your content. However, this simply isn’t true!

Social Media Today breaks it down; you need both paid social media and organic social media.

They say, “You need to identify the ways in which you can connect your paid and organic efforts. This ensures a streamlined user experience between those who see your advertisement and become interested.”

Click through to read their 4 arguments for the importance of organic social media.

Our take: Organic social media is crucial in building trust with your customers. If every post is boosted, branded, and pushed on every platform, clients might be wary of your brand or your reliability. We believe in featuring your team, focusing your reach, and making your social media content effective AND authentic.

These five tips will help keep your April productive! Follow us on social media for more customer service tips and tricks.