A Day In the Life of a NexaMedical Virtual Receptionist

Last updated July 2, 2020 written by Jaime Faulkner

A Day In the Life of a NexaMedical Virtual Receptionist

As a medical provider, you have a packed schedule. With everything you need to accomplish in one shift, answering the phone might feel impossible. That’s where medical virtual receptionists come in. Our team of highly trained, 24/7 receptionists supports over 650 medical providers across the country.

So, what exactly does a day in the life of medical virtual receptionists look like? How do they balance calls, appointment scheduling, and emergency dispatch?

Emily, a team lead at the Nexa HQ in Phoenix, was happy to let us find out. She recently transferred to Phoenix after training and working at the Havasu center, and has been a virtual receptionist for almost 3 years.


“I work in every vertical, but medical is my favorite,” said Emily. NexaMedical virtual receptionists took 9,600 medical calls in May alone. She and the other receptionists that have gone through the top level of training are ready for anything.

“We take detailed notes on every call, so doctors and offices can review later. It’s really helpful when they provide an FAQ and a script, but we’re trained in medical terminology and know how to redirect calls and answer questions,” she said.

“I feel very capable. The ongoing training we receive makes sure our skills are always up to date. This hard work has paid off in my professional development.”


NexaMedical virtual receptionists transfer calls, page doctors, take messages, schedule appointments, and dispatch emergency services.

“The training here is hands on, and I picked up new skills quickly.” Now, Emily comfortable working in more than 20 different CRM and EHR programs.

Over the course of half an hour, Emily handled calls from a physical therapy office, an orthopedic surgeons office, and two emergency clinics.

“The volume of calls dictates the number of dispatchers working at any given time,” Emily explained. “We work throughout the day as regular medical virtual receptionists, but switch to just dispatch as necessary.”   The result?  Speed and accuracy.


NexaMedical receptions are trained to understand that empathy is as important as accuracy when handling medical cases. Emily said a huge take away from her training was being able to find the right words to handle any situation.

“We’re very serious about providing excellent and accurate customer experiences on our calls. If I’m scheduling them right, paging the right people, that’s one less thing they have to worry about. I love my job because I’m making an impact,” she said.

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