6 Benefits of a Quality Answering Service

When your customers or prospects call your business, who answers the phone?

This question is more important than you may think…

You see, that first conversation that your prospects and customers have with your business is what leaves a lasting first impression.

If it’s a good impression, you’ll leave them with a smile on their face. But if it’s bad, you’ll leave your clients feeling sour, and they may choose to go with one of your competitors instead.

So, it’s essential that you have a quality answering service.

With this in mind, here are 6 benefits of a quality answering service…

1. One Less Person on Your Payroll

It can be costly to have a full-time receptionist….

In 2014, the average salary of a receptionist was $27,380.

That cost doesn’t even account for the time and resources required to train them, nor the cost of having them in the office.

What’s more, when they aren’t on the phone or sending emails, you’re wasting money.

On the other hand, you can have a quality answering service for less than $200/month. Added up over a year, that’s around $2,400, or less than a 1/10th of the price of a full-time receptionist!

2. 24/7 Availability

Your customers and prospects don’t necessarily rely on you on a 9-5 schedule. They may want to contact you at any hour of the day.

But regular receptionists can’t always be there. They have holidays, set hours, and other time-related limitations. So, people will be forced to leave a voicemail or hang up in frustration.
But with a quality answering service, you can have the phone lines accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

There will always be someone there to leave a custom greeting, take messages, answer questions, etc.

And so, you can be there for your customers and prospects when they need you most.

3. Increase Your Staff’s Productivity

A study by Samsung showed that telephone calls are the biggest distraction employees face in the workplace.

That’s no surprise – telephone calls interrupt the flow of work and force employees to break their momentum. This can be a huge knock on your staff’s productivity.

However, if you outsource some of those calls to a quality answering service, you can save that time and increase your team’s productivity.

You and your employees won’t have to take any more cold calls that break your concentration!

4. Make Scheduling Easy

Appointment scheduling can be a hassle. You have to go through the back-and-forth of trying to find a time that works for both parties.

But with a quality answering service, you can cut out that wasted time. Your answering service can make appointments for you based on your Google calendar schedule. They can also make outbound calls to confirm appointments, as well as follow-up calls to gain feedback from customers and clients.

5. Easy Message Delivery

A quality answering service makes message delivery easy.

Messages and voicemails can be delivered to your inbox. Emails can be responded to on your behalf.

There’s always someone there to send or respond to a message you need.

As a result, new leads and customers won’t fall through the cracks.

6. Handle Your Calls Efficiently

Tired of answering the same questions about your office hours, directions, policies, etc.?

Well, a quality answering service can do that for you too.

Besides answering these simple questions, they can also screen for cold calls, and transfer any calls over to you that you decide you want to take.


When you have a quality answering service, your business can run a lot more smoothly. You’ll make better first impressions with customers and prospects, save money and time, and much more.

What’s stopping you from investing in a quality answering service? Let us know in the comments below!