5 Ways to Get More Patients for Your Dental Practice

5 Ways to Get More Patients for Your Dental Practice

You spend your time helping your patients smile bigger and brighter…

…But perhaps what will make you smile the biggest and brightest is to see an endless stream of new patients walk through the door!

The question is, how can you make that happen?

In other words, how can you bring a seemingly endless stream of new patients into your dental practice?

There are a few simple strategies to do exactly that….

1. Create a Referral Bonus System

Yes, we now live in a highly digital word – but word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing. If you can get people to tell their friends about your practice, they’re a lot more likely to come. That’s because they hear about you from a trusted source (their friend) instead of something like a random ad.

So, how do you increase word-of-mouth? One of the best ways is to incentivize people. You can do that through a referral bonus system.

For example, you can offer current patients a gift card, a free cleaning, or free dental product for every new patient they refer.

For your staff, you can offer a bigger bonus (perhaps a Kindle or iPad) for every 5 new patients they refer.

2. Paid Advertising

While word-of-mouth is powerful, there’s certainly still a lot of room for paid online ads.

You should be using a mix of Facebook ads and Google Adwords to attract new patients.

Your ads should include a strong value proposition and benefit, as well as a strong call to action. For more tips to create great ads, you can check out this excellent post from our friends at HubSpot, as well as this one on how to build a 3-step Facebook ads funnel.

3. Local Search Engine Optimization

When people search Google for, “Dentists in [Your] city,” is your dental practice on the first page of results? Better yet, is it in the top 3 or even #1? If not, you have some work to do…

You see, many potential patients will search that key term or something similar. If you can rank for it locally, you can get a steady influx of new patients.

So, how do you improve your local SEO results? Here are a few tips:

· Keep your listings updated and consistent. Your practice should have the same name, address, and phone number listed on all websites and platforms.
· Target local keywords. Your website and blog posts should include a variety of local keywords. They should include the name of your city and even your neighborhood, as well as specific services you offer, such as “root canal,” “implants,” “teeth whitening,” “children’s dentist,” etc.
· Claim local listings with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Each of these search engines provides a simple guide for claiming your local listing. You can start with “Google My Business” to get your practice set up.

4. Encourage Reviews

Your reviews make up a large part of your online presence – so, you’ll want to ensure you have as many great online reviews as possible.

To do that, you should encourage patients to leave you reviews. For example, once you claim your listing on Yelp, you can direct patients to your Yelp listing to leave reviews. Aside from Yelp, you can also ask patients to leave a review on your Google Places listing.

With every positive review, you’ll make potential patients a little more comfortable with choosing you as their dentist.

5. Quality Patient Care

Of course, there’s only way that any of the previous strategies will work effectively for a long period of time: You must provide quality patient care.

When you provide quality care, your patients will keep coming back to you, leave positive reviews, and rave about you to their friends and family.

Quality care includes delivering great customer service, sending timely appointment reminders, checking up on patients, and treating patients well when they’re in your office.


It may be easier than you think to get more patients to your dental practice. With these strategies, you’ll have more patients smiling bigger and brighter, and you’ll be smiling bigger and brighter too!